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Hiring the right people for the job is critical in any industry, but few businesses face the same challenges as hotels, particularly those of small to medium size (< 50 employees).

  • The hospitality industry has a 30% staff turnover
  • Hotel labor costs are, on average, 33% of revenue
  • Workforce size has a strong seasonal component
  • Seasonal workers typically have little track record

Thus, recruiting, training and retaining of personnel is one of the biggest challenges and costs for a hospitality company.

SME hotels do not have the resources to have a full time human resources manager on staff nor to purchase HR software. Instead, they rely on job portals that may or may not focus on the hospitality industry and provide rudimentary services at best to help manage the hiring process.

Workathlon has developed a platform that makes the process of recruiting, training and retaining talent in the hospitality industry straightforward and simple to manage.

Our job portal supports posting of jobs and, for applicants, an opportunity to share not only their resume and references, but also their personality. The portal is in English as fluency is a basic requirement for hospitality professionals.

The core advantage of the Workathlon platform is our integrated Applicant Tracking System. Hoteliers can use their portal to find and organize potential employees, make notes on individuals, request references, and track their progress through the hiring process.

For the first time, hoteliers with small to medium hotels can run their hiring process in as organized and practical a fashion as the largest chain.

Our platform was launched this year in Greece. We anticipate reaching breakeven this year. Our traction to date includes:

  • 36,000 visits in 4 months
  • 4,500 active users
  • 130% increase per month
  • 60 properties signed up

We plan to enter Cyprus later this year, with expansion into France and Spain in 2018 and additional countries the following year.