Rising real estate costs and the rise of e-commerce have made physical stores difficult to maintain. Online solutions work for some products, but for others, physical spaces are crucial for product trials and brand experiences. Small-to-medium business owners still spend a considerable amount of time, money, and effort finding the right retail spaces for product distribution.
Shiftspace aims to be the leading online marketplace in finding and renting out retail space, globally. Our platform utilizes the concept of the “shared economy” to commercialize unused real estate. Brand owners can search Shiftspace’s online marketplace for the right retail space, and offer their products to a decision-maker within minutes. Through our website, brands, products, and e-commerce businesses are connected with vacant shop-shared spaces to co-create new experiences such as pop-up spaces, product consignment, product display spaces, and other retail and commercial activities.
We have already received approximately $14,000 USD in funding. We plan to focus on the Thai market first before scaling to Asia and then maybe the world. We are currently looking for mentors and collaborators to validate our business model.