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Scuba gear allows divers to spend time with their friends exploring shipwrecks and coral reefs. Millions of tourists try it every year at resorts. Dive leaders and trainers spend countless hours on dry land teaching, then taking divers on expeditions and evaluation dives.

Virtually all that diving is done in silence. A few divers and their buddies may have expensive mics and speakers integrated into their masks, but most of the time, they use sign language or a simple message board.

Adequate, but certainly not the social experience that many would prefer.

Scubaphone founder Lukas Nowak wanted more out of his diving trips.

He observed that whales and dolphins – marine mammals – had no trouble communicating underwater, so he began studying their acoustic structures. The result is the Scubaphone, a patented biomimetic device that enables divers to speak naturally while underwater. It is the first and only such device.

The Scubaphone utilizes no electronics and is compatible with any equipment, simply replacing the regulator when the diver wishes to speak. The Scubaphone can be also integrated with a backup regulator which allows the diver to speak and breathe at the same time.

Speech can be heard clearly with no special equipment over distances of 10 meters or more.
Scuba divers are by nature interested in high tech equipment that makes their diving more enjoyable or safer.

They also have considerable disposable income.

We plan to sell Scubaphones directly to diving instructors initially, moving to distributors as we grow demand.