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Bacteria, viruses and mold can be found on virtually every surface we touch, including the tables in restaurants, poles in subways, throughout our homes, and even in hospitals.

Billions are spent attempting to keep these surfaces clean, and billions more to manage the repercussions when people get sick or even die.

One solution is to impregnate plastics and paints with active silver particles, as silver has long been recognized for its antimicrobial properties. However, the production of these materials is expensive and the properties of the final surface are not controlled as well as would be desirable.

At Hussartech, we have developed a smart antimicrobial additive that can be applied to a wide range of products such as: plastics, paints, coatings and textiles. The micostructure of the mineral entities that contain the active silver particles have been designed for maximum control of their activity.

Our additives are being used in pilot projects with four major corporations. Early results in treated latex gloves shows that 99.9% of bacteria are killed.

Our product is safe for humans and the environment. It has a long effective lifetime compared to the competition. Furthermore, our production process is inherently low cost, making Hussartech’s antimicrobial additives not only the best in terms of performance, but also lower in cost than any other solution available today.

We plan to manufacture our additive in-house to maintain our trade secrets in addition to the patents we have already been awarded. While we plan to sell direct to end users in the near term, in the long term our goal is to be the primary supplier of antimicrobial additives to all major suppliers of antimicrobial paints, plastics and coatings.