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There are 180K venues and event planners worldwide that host a huge number of Wedding Receptions – more than 2M per year in the US alone – not to mention gala dinners and banquets.

And, in nearly all cases, Venues still either printout or e-mail their table plans to their clients, who, in turn, spend days or weeks trying to set up their guest lists and seating charts by hand.

Seating charts are just one of the many aspects of event management that still rely on archaic processes that alienate and frustrate clients, cause miscommunications and friction with the venue, and are aterrible waste of time for everyone involved.

EventReception was founded to bring event management into the 21st century. Our current features including point-and-click table plans and seating charts, availabilty and event calendars, automated guest lists, SMS welcome messages for guests including online navigation links to the venues.

During an 18-month beta test, EventReception’s solutions were tested in an events and conference hotel. They were used by 98% of its clients, with a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and reduced admin time in half while substantially increasing the hotel’s event revenues.

After launching in 2015, EventReception charged an average annual fee of about €1K per venue. We have confirmed the beta results with 8 clients, 630 events and 140,000 guests to date. After the recent update of its main platfrom, we have achieved an 80% close rate.

The co-founders have been in the hotel and hospitality management industry for a combined 20 years. In 2016, we plan to introduce a series of new features and to dominate the Greek market quickly before moving on to Cyprus and Turkey in 2018 and then the rest of the world.