Odor testing is used for product development, quality control, and screenings for a wide range of industrial products. However, human testers often skew results due to non-continuous testing methods and human biases.
Electronic Nose has developed machine olfaction, a technology that digitizes odors so that systems can describe and communicate them accurately to humans. Our system essentially mimics the human olfactory system and acts as an “electronic nose”, eliminating human bias. The technology is easy to use, and can be applied to a wide range of social and industrial problems, such as development of new perfumes, quality control of industrial products, taste tests and development for food and beverages, smart shoes, clothing, and furniture, monitoring the quality of water, and screening for diseases like liver cancer and diabetes.
Our team has over sixteen years of experience developing several lab and commercial prototypes from basic sensors to smart systems. We have eight pending patents related to Electronic Nose and gas sensor technology in Thailand, and have received government research grants of over $150,000 USD this year. We are looking for mentors, collaborators, and investors to help us develop the technology together and to expand the business.