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Almost half of all crops are lost due to disease and or drought. Avoiding expensive losses when producing vegetables can be challenging for both the DIY gardener and the small farmer.

Soil chemistry, water, humidity, light and heat all need to be right for the crop, and diseases and pests stopped before they can do too much damage.

At Apicallity, we have developed a device called PlantIT™ that maintains a constant vigil in the garden. This simple-to-install device has sensors for keeping historical records of local conditions and is connected to the internet to send notifications when plants appear to be stressed.

The simplicity of the device belies the sophisticated underlying technology: We use predictive analytics and algorithms to support machine learning over time.

In addition, an online expert community will be available to users to get advice and enjoy the benefits of a social network. Even experienced farmers can be challenged by a suddenly wilting or yellowing plant. Our expert network will help them get advice quickly.

There are a number of other internet-integrated sensor systems on the market, but none has included either the machine learning or community aspects of PlantIT™.

Our beta testers are very pleased with the results they got in their first growing season. We have also connected with well-established and -respected nurseries, including Larch Cottage Nurseries in the UK and Skillins

Greenhouse in Maine. Both businesses are eager to stock PlantIT™ on their shelves and online.

The team has extensive experience in startups as well as scientific expertise in plant science. By the end of 2016, we plan to have acquired 1,000 paying users in the US and Europe.