Children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) require 6-8 hours a day of regular communication and behavioral therapy. However, the number of therapists available is insufficient.  Some children only meet with therapists once a month: at school or in a hospital. Schools are often understaffed, and teachers are responsible for multiple children with ASD at a time. Inexperienced parents and caregivers experience difficulty providing efficient training sessions.
After more than five years of conducting research at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Mahidol University, our team at AIM Innovation has developed a robot-assisted communication training tool for teachers, parents, and therapists of children aged 5-12 with autism spectrum disorders. The robot is user-friendly and easy to program, allowing users to design training sessions that can truly fit each child’s learning requirements. To date, we have developed over 100 content modules, which have been tested in five schools and a hospital.
The project has been supported by Thai research agencies, and there are three filing patents in Thailand. We plan to expand to the US in 2020, and are in search of funding, customers, mentors, and business partners.