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Apicallity Improves yields for gardeners even when they are traveling
ARK Analytics Helps businesses save money through intelligent credit risk analysis
Contadd Makes traditional online display ads less annoying through attractive ads with relevant content
Event Reception Simplifies, saves overhead & increases opportunity for event managers at hotels
Hussartech New, cost-effective antimicrobial coating
InSyBio Quickly identifies biomarkers for personalized medicine
Laddroller Helps wheelchair users stand up and travel, quickly and easily
PolTiss Liquid tissue scaffolding during surgery
PolTREG Helps treat juvenile diabetes through innovative new T-cell therapy
Scubaphone Allows scuba divers to speak underwater, without electronics
StreamOwl Optimizes system infrastructure for video content delivery companies
VesselBot Brokers matches between cargo & ship so there’s never an empty cargo ship
Workathlon Finds, vets, and hires the best staff in hospitality
XT.PL New photovoltaic technology that will allow for more flexible displays and efficient solar cells
Yodiwo Drag-and-drop platform for non-programmers to design Internet of Things apps